November 17, 2021

Business Development Manager – Industrial Electrical Infrastructure in Egypt

  • Responsible for calling upon end-users (Enterprise/SMB) and channels (distributors, contractors, integrators, and consultants) within a defined geographic territory and locally significant accounts.
  • Is the primary client liaison and is responsible for managing all aspects of the account process including building awareness of Company solutions.
  • Identifies and develops quality opportunities; qualifications; evaluation; close and account care.
  • Drives revenue growth via new account development and/or expanding existing accounts within the channels.
  • Develops and implements business plans that align with the business strategy for the mid-market and locally significant accounts in an assigned area to drive revenue and growth.
  • Secures preference for company products on discretionary business and specifications and drives customer mind sets from products to solutions.
  • Ensures that all generated business is referred through chosen partners and this referred business is leveraged either directly or indirectly through the channel accounts to improve discretionary business through the channel.
    Background in Electrical solutions.
  • Coverage area: Egypt and the rest of Africa.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Creates and closes opportunities: Continuously scans for prospects to achieve new accounts, expands offerings within the account, and populates account pipeline consistently and on a timely basis.
  • Qualifies opportunities: Assess clients, including balance sheet and business health to determine feasibility of partnering. Identifies and aligns required resources for pursuit and future solution deployment, determines scope and nature of the opportunity to determine feasibility in pursuing the deal.
  • Positions value propositions to meet customer needs and end-user business priorities; communicates key competitive advantages; works with others to ensure appropriate pricing; and manages the milestones essential for timely proposal delivery.
  • Maintains opportunity momentum to expand account: Capitalizes on early wins and customer satisfaction to expand business within the account.
  • Documents account plans and forecasts: Develops strategies and plans for managing account pursuit activities; prioritizes and coordinates opportunity pursuit across multiple accounts to maintain a healthy account funnel; and develops, communicates, and monitors account forecasts to ensure accuracy.
  • Builds client executive business relationships: Expands account penetration by building strong relationships and leveraging them to achieve exposure to business planning, Effectively and professionally articulates the solution proposal to resolve the priority issues of the client’s business.
  • Cultivates and develops trusted advisor status: Ensures that product or service value propositions align and resolve customer needs, provides on-demand consultative advice, checks the accuracy and utility of recommendations, and avoids making inaccurate statements.
  • Aligns tactical activities to support strategic account plans: Provides input to organizational planning, sets priorities and expectations; identifies and addresses opportunity or resource gaps; adjusts plans to local requirements and ensures alignment of all activities with upper management strategies, corporate direction, and goals. Effectively uses all resources.

Technical / Functional Skills:

  • Business Administration: Ensures spa requests are filled out completely and sent through the proper channels. Analyzes account and pipeline reports and modifies approach based on results.  Orders and tracks samples and literature for customers.  Effectively manages organizational metrics through timely expense and time reporting, accurately tracks opportunities in the CRM tool.
  • Business Planning: Understands the corporate business plan and the territory objectives. Analyzes territory segment and determines penetration plan.  Understand the competitive landscape.  Analyzes current customer base and develops plans to penetrate them deeper and wider.  Understand the cost-benefit impact of pursuing a customer and the price point needed.  Aligns company and account objectives with customer needs in a manner that creates a win-win.
  • Business Acumen: Knows how business works. Knowledgeable in current and possible future policies, practices, trends, technology, and information affecting his/her business and organization.  Knows the competition.  Is aware of how strategies and tactics work in the marketplace.
  • Relationship Management.
  • Skills: Understands the customer’s needs through active listening. Fosters a professional relationship among key stakeholders.
  • Managing the Sales Process: Effectively identifies and qualifies opportunities. Crafts proposals using the account enablement and marketing collateral.  Understands the partner ecosystem.  Creates SWAT analysis with competitor information to enable the deal to close.  Positions company’s offerings to address the business need.  Continues to grow relationships at multiple levels of the account and throughout the channels to enable opportunity for future business.
  • Understanding & Articulating the Value Proposition: Stays current with new technologies that help to create a completive advantage. Defines and positions our offerings to customers and partners to execute growth. Conducts technical demonstrations of products.  Can articulate the ROI of the defined offering.


  • Bachelor’s degree in IT/Communication strongly preferred. Has inside account management experience or some external account management experience.
  • Has an account base that he/she manages. Works independently and looks to the manager to help in coaching to strengthen position in an account, leverage for higher-level meetings, provide an insight into new accounts that should be penetrated.  Receives general supervision.
  • Responsible for promoting company products or services. Maintains business at legacy accounts.  Develops the ability to acquire new accounts.  Understanding of the business process.  Builds relationships and executes the account process within the partner ecosystem.
  • Ability to travel 70% of the time.
  • Solid understanding of the solution. Understands key market-specific competitors.  Gathers and monitors account intelligence.  Learns the needs of the target customers.  Entry -evel exposure within the account dealing with entry-level business influencers. General understanding of the organizational strategy.  Proficient at articulating the value of the partner programs.