Manufacturers’ Representation Redefined Across the Middle East and Africa.

We pride ourselves on being the Tech Connectors of this region!

We provide unique sales & marketing services to technology firms seeking expansion into the Middle East and Africa.
Empowered with all the local, technical, sales and marketing skills you need, your business will grow throughout the region.

Fast Track Results Through Business Expansion

Fast track

Cost-Effective Marketing and Sales Services

Cost effective

Guaranteed High Return on Profits through Business Expansion

high return

We work with reputable companies in the ICT field

and here’s what they say about us:

Three reasons why our sales and marketing
services are right for you

Information Technology, Marketing And Sales Experts Interacting With Each Other

Business Networking


You will have a direct link to our extensive network of professional and expert industry partners.

Business People Exhibiting a Large Know-How and Expertise in an Office Setting

Talent Screening


We only employ experts. Experienced MBA sales and marketing talent with a large know-how of the market to promote your brand.

Businessman Climbing The Stairs Of Success Used as a Representation of Profitable Results

Bottom Line Increase


Tried and trusted methodologies mean tried, trusted and profitable results. You’ll experience a risk-free expansion and guaranteed increase in your bottom line.

Are you a manufacturing company that wants to unlock new markets in the Middle East and/or Africa?

  • Do you want your own representative salesforce?
  • Are you considering a change from a direct to a representative salesforce?
  • Are you exploring how to develop a representative MEA salesforce?
  • Do you need to restructure and specialize your representative salesforce in the region?
  • Do you want a low risk, high return, fast track access to new markets through local representation?

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